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Retired Homeowners Relocation Program


  You’ve finally decided it’s time for you or a loved one to relocate. Maybe you’re moving closer to family, downsizing in Columbus, or need the help and full time assistance of a professional care facility in central Ohio. Every family has unique goals and circumstances which demand different approaches to achieve the desired outcome. Our professional Real Estate agents with Carleton Realty and caring staff with Republic Residential Service Corp. will help by offering options for all your realty, sorting and moving needs. We can help prioritize, declutter, dispose of, and transport all your personal belongings to their appropriate destination. Our goal is to make your retirement in Columbus and central Ohio enjoyable.  We are here to make this process as pleasant as possible!

Our Plans

Plan A- Repaired Cash Value

A repaired listing is the way to get the maximum list price out of your house, however it is also the longest process of all of our options and can take up to nine months to complete. This option is best for the homeowner whose circumstances require a higher sales price than our all cash purchase option and have little time restrictions. Our trained real estate professionals will come to your home and prepare a free written property analysis, which will include the market value of your home and a breakdown of repairs that must be done to attain maximum market value for your house.Our trained real estate professionals will use the information derived from the written property analysis to establish a mutually agreed upon repair schedule and budget. The budget and schedule will be combined with the free written property analysis to arrive at a mutually agreed upon future list price. Republic Residential Service Corp. will then contribute all of the funds and expertise needed to execute all the necessary repairs in order for Carleton Realty to successfully market and sell the property.  All costs outlined in the free written property analysis will be deducted from the mutually agreed upon future list price. The balance will go to you, the homeowner, at the time of the sale! 

Plan B- As Is Cash Value

Plan B is the quickest, most efficient and stress free way to get you to the next chapter of your life.  Our trained real estate agents will come to your home and prepare a written property analysis for the subject property.  The analysis will include the market value of your home, breakdown of repairs that must be done in order to attain market value for your home, and all the costs associated in getting you packed and moved out.  If you decide this is the best plan for your family, we will write up an official cash offer based off the written property analysis!If you and your family feel that this time saving plan is the best choice for you, Republic Residential Service Corp will schedule a preliminary title search along with all the necessary inspections.  A closing date will be scheduled within 30 days of the signed agreement, releasing you and your family from any further responsibilities and obligations to the property. Your work ends here!  There is nothing left to stress about, no listing fees to pay, and no waiting time for your home to sell!  It is important to note that our services here require no out of pocket cash!  All our services and expenses will be calculated into the All-Cash purchase price of your home, and everything will be outlined with-in your written property analysis. 

Plan C- Traditional Listing Value

Barry Hartman and Carleton Realty are also happy to represent you, the homeowner, by providing the traditional as-is listing service. This plan is a balance of Plan A and Plan B in terms of retained value and time frame to closing. As of August 2017 the average time a listing is on the market with the Columbus Board of Realtors is thirty-five days. Depending on the type of financing and inspection period results the homeowner could expect to have the transaction closed and finalized within ninety days from an accepted purchase offer.  Depending on the physical status of your home, we may make some recommendations for cleaning, very small repairs, or minor updates but generally we will list the property in the current condition.  This plan will include fees such as realtors fees and brokerage fees. 

Carleton Realty strongly recommends that all legally binding documents be reviewed by a Real Estate professional and Real Estate Attorney of your choice prior to signing.

Moving Assistance - Optional

Each of our options allows you to add on Moving Assistance. If you so choose to participate in our moving assistance, we will teach you our integrated tagging system that will allow you to identify the items you wish to take with you. Once all the items you wish to keep are tagged, our movers will come and place everything into either your vehicle, or if necessary, an on-site storage container that will be located on your property. We will go through all the checks and balances to ensure that you have all the items you wish to keep.   Once all items are removed and placed into the mode of transportation, the remaining items will be left to us to dispose. Our moving partners will move the storage container from your home to either your new home, storage unit, or family member’s home. 

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